#100: How I’ve learned To Have Better Connections with the Teens in my Life.

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Today we’re celebrating 100 episodes of the Profitable Mindset podcast!

As I get older I notice the “things” I cherish most in life are my close relationships. 

Studies even show that our level of life-fulfillment directly correlates to how connected and close we feel to people in our lives.

Isn’t that fascinating – that the depth of your relationships is what determines life-fulfillment!!

AND, another fascinating thing – having deeply connected relationships is a learned skill.

A skill we aren’t taught anywhere in our life, usually.

We usually wait ‘til a relationship is broken to go get help – and by then it’s often too late.

I coach on relationships a lot because the truth is, lack of relationship skills is also standing in the way of our business success.

Well, today I’ve got help.

This is the 100th episode of the Profitable Mindset podcast and I wanted to do something super special to celebrate and to help you get more fulfillment in life too.

So today my special guest is my youngest child, my 15 yr old daughter Shivan, and two of her friends.

I wanted to get their perspective of what makes them feel connected – or disconnected – from their parents.

And what they told me was absolute gold!!

Tune in and learn what’s helped me communicate better with my kids so that now we have the most fulfilling relationship.

This means I have THE most fulfilling life I could possibly imagine!!

I tell you, having a 15-year-old who feels safe telling me everything that’s going on in her life, knowing she can talk to me about anything, is so precious to me.

I never got to have this kind of relationship with my parents – they just didn’t know how.

So I value even more that I get to have this open, honest relationship of acceptance with my kids that wasn’t available to me.

And if you’re thinking it’s easy for me and my daughter to have a good relationship because we’re so alike and therefore it’ll be totally different for you – I can tell you, the opposite is true.

I had her when I was 40 years old so there’s even more than a generation gap. I can’t even imagine where she got exposed to some of the ideas she presents!

But she addresses this in the episode – how can she and I have such a deeply connected relationship even though she believes and does things so foreign to me sometimes.

Click the link above to tune in and give it a try.

Don’t have kids? What we talk about in this episode applies to all your relationships, even your spouse, parents, customers, employees.

See you in episode 100!

Happy Holidays,


Click the link above to listen to Episode 100!

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