How I deal with newborn calves – leave on Mama or no?

I’m regularly asked what I do with my calves when the dairy cows calve.

For instance, do I keep them on the mamas or remove them and bottle feed, or a combo?

I put together today’s video to explain just that.

Take a look at my process, then I’d love for you to scroll down below the video to the comment section and tell me what you do?  We can all learn from each other!!

One thing that’s important is that we don’t criticize what another farmer must do to remain sustainable – if you wouldn’t dream of separating your mamas and calves, that’s fine and that works for you, and someone else might need to do so to be successful.

So share your process after you hear about mine and let’s learn together!!

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Can’t wait to talk with you in the comments below 🙂



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