#106: 4 Steps to Make Your Farm Stand Out and Delight Your Customers

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One of the biggest problems farmers share with me is they struggle to build a big, loyal customer base who will keep coming back season after season and continue paying, without complaint, our higher-than-grocery-store prices.

This week I’m sharing four FREE things I did the first few years that got me to profit, and I still do them when I need a boost in new customers.

Many farmers think the solution to them getting and retaining customers is a better or different website. Or a BETTER email marketing program. Or the NEW social media platform, if only they could learn it.

But that is not how to build a loyal, consistent customer base.

At first glance you might think these things are too simple to work. Like, there must be a more high-tech solution I’m missing.

But there is no online solution to this problem. The solution is in today’s podcast episode.

Decide today to implement what I talk about here – these steps are all free/cheap.

Then repeat them consistently and watch your new customers arrive and your current customers become super loyal.

After implementing these 4 steps, when you add the advanced marketing strategies I teach, your customer base will multiply exponentially like I share about my client Lyndsay in today’s episode.

But you must get your foundation in place first. These 4 steps are one pillar – all 3 episodes in the series are the complete foundation.

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