Afraid of losing the farm?
Been there and done that.

Now it's my mission to help you build a profitable farm that sustains your life and your dreams.

Afraid of losing the farm?
Been there and done that.

Now it's my mission to help you build a profitable farm that sustains your life and your dreams.

"Thanks to Charlotte, I've sold out of eggs 4 weeks in a row, even with the increase in eggs from our new pullets. This without having to be 'pushy' or sounding desperate." -Gina

I've lived through every farm family's worst nightmare.

I grew up on the family farm as a fifth-generation farmer.

My whole childhood was spent outside riding my horse and working 8-12 hour days, caring for the land and livestock.

But as we all know, farming is hard.

98% of farmers go out of business by year five, usually after investing their whole life savings.

And at age 14, I watched our our fifth-generation family commodity farm go bankrupt and we lost everything.

I spent every day of my teens ashamed to be in a small town where we owed everyone money.

I left for college swearing that farming was no way to make a living and I was never coming back

I ended up working in Marketing and Communications at a Fortune 500 company, but the trauma of watching my family lose everything followed me into my adult years.

It took years of unhealthy relationships and destructive behavior to see that losing the farm had left its mark on me.

I did a lot of soul searching to heal those scars, and by then, I was a mother of two…

And I wanted my kids to grow up on the farm like I did.

So I went back to farming.
But this time, things needed to be different.

My heart was still on the farm and I couldn’t stay away.

Also, I knew I wanted my kids to grow up on the farm, but I couldn’t go through losing the farm again. And I definitely didn’t want to put them through the shame and humiliation I went through.

Our dairy farm needed to be profitable.

So I decided to go direct-to-consumer and use my marketing experience to figure out how to make that happen.

And guess what?

I was able to sell out my product before I ever brought home my first cow, with a waitlist of people waiting to buy from us.

It wasn’t long before other farmers started asking me what I was doing different and how they could make it work for their farms.

I started being invited to speak and keynote all over, teaching farmers how to build profitable farms across the United States.

You may have seen me in

I’ve been honored as a food rebel, pioneer and visionary by PBS’s Food Forward TV, “Pioneering Leader in Raw Milk Production” by Mark McAfee, CEO Organic Pastures Dairy, and Food Tank named me one of the 25 “World’s Most Influential Women in Food and Ag”.

More importantly, here's what some of my clients say

“I’ve worked with Charlotte since 2016, when our farm business was just a tiny seed of an idea. Under her guidance, my husband and I built a successful, sustainable farm (literally from the ground up!) that became profitable in it’s second season. We’re heading into Season 5 and each year we nearly double our profits.

Without Charlotte’s courses and coaching, we would never have made it past that first season. To this day, I consider choosing to work with Charlotte to be the wisest, smartest and best investment we’ve made on the farm.

If you’re tired of struggling and feeling like you can never get ahead on your farm, I highly recommend working with her!” 

-Lori Jo Hernandez, Three Acre Farm

I reached out to Charlotte when I slammed into overwhelm at work that was popping up at home.  Even though I was getting everything done on my endless lists, only after working with Charlotte did I evaluate if I was productive and if I needed to change to reach my long-term goals. 

As a businesswoman in agriculture, it is invaluable to learn skills from another outstanding woman who has experienced the same situations but is a little farther down the road and can teach me how to enjoy my journey.

  My daily practices developed in snippets, and others now approach me asking what changed as they see joy and confidence that despite feeling before, they can see it in me now.” 

-Ida DeFrancesco, Farmer Joe's Gardens

I've helped 10,000+ farmers build profitable farms so they could finally enjoy the life they dreamed of.

Let me help you.

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Farm Marketing
from the Heart

If you want enough information to get started with ASAP or would like another way to know more about what it’s like to work with me, you can pick up my book, Farm Marketing from the Heart.

Inside, you’ll learn:

  • How to build trust with customers who have never met you or seen your farm
  • How to define and find your dream customer who is happy to pay a premium for your farm product
  • How to charge enough to make a profit, not matter what other farms in your area are charging
  • And more!

You can get the paperback shipped to you, or read it instantly using the Kindle app on your phone.