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#211: What’s Working — And Not — in Social Media Marketing Today

Click HERE for 3 Steps to Your Profitable Farm ​Today’s episode​ will help you be prepared for my social media training coming up this summer inside Farm Marketing Bootcamp. (Details to come in the next few weeks about that.) For instance, have you heard the term “Pay to Play” on social media? You’ll want to know what this means and

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#209: If You Think Your Market is Too Small… This Will Help

Click HERE for 6 Tools You Need to Build a Profitable Farm You work so hard to create the best farm you can – whether it’s meat, milk, flowers, eggs, fiber. Plus all the workshops and tours. I even know some of you are farming oysters and salmon and Air BnB’s! You bust your buns to get these products & services

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#208: 3 Steps To Get Daily Personal Time This Summer

Click HERE for: 6 Tools You Need to Build A Profitable Farm-my free live training If you’re like many farmers, you probably struggle with being overwhelmed, exhausted, and burnt out for years. You know you can’t keep living this way — so why haven’t you DONE anything about it yet? You can’t find the time! Or, if you do find

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#207: How I Hit the Ground Running with a Sold-Out Farm from Day One

Click HERE for the Free Email Marketing Course It’s crucial you learn marketing from people who’ve created long-term success with it. There are no ‘make money fast’ schemes out there that work.  Oh, there are plenty of people trying to sell you one!  But I know from years of experience with thousands of farmers that you can’t spend enough money

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#206: How to Manage and Grow Amazing Employees

Click HERE for the Free Email Marketing Course I’ve got an episode today that will shave years of frustration off your journey to managing farm help. This applies whether you’re about to make your first part-time hire or you have many employees. It’s for you if it’s high school kids or adults you’re hiring. Listen to Today’s Episode on Managing

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#205: Free Training: Reinvent Your Farm’s Marketing

Click HERE to Reinvent Your Farm Marketing: Free Training There are three crucial elements your marketing MUST include to be successful. And by successful, I mean you sell all the products you want and need to sell. And you sell them at the price you need to be profitable. Link to sign up here The farmers who implement these simple

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203: How to Attract and Hire High-Quality Employees

Click HERE to Reinvent Your Farm Marketing: Free Training Today I spill the beans in one of the most powerful episodes I could ever offer, as I share with you how to attract and hire high-quality employees. ​Tune in NOW to Listen and Learn​ In this episode, you’ll learn: Even if you don’t think you’re ready to hire yet, you’ll

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#202: How to Clearly Define Your Employee Job Description

Click HERE to Reinvent Your Farm Marketing: Free Training When I started my farm 15 years ago, I was a one-woman show. It was me, my overalls, and a big dream. After about a month of milking cows twice a day, seven days a week, and running kids to basketball games in between, it was time to admit defeat that

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