Let's get you back to enjoying the farm you love.

"We made a milestone yesterday --- a $1k market day! Would not have been able to do it without Charlotte's course and coaching." -Serena

You're in the right place if you have a farm you love, but...

There always seems to be more money going out than coming in,

Not to mention the overwhelming and never-ending list of things to do on the farm.

You might have trouble finding time for yourself and your family at the end of the day.

Or you need your farm to make more sales so you can quit your 9-5 and farm full-time.

Either way, the stress is mounting. You might be wondering if this was a bad idea...

But you know you can be successful with the right guidance, and you're ready to put in the work.

Why work with The Marketing and Mindset Coach for Farmers?

I’ve been speaking and teaching farmers how to build profitable farms for a long time.  And I’m passionate about helping farmers because I grew up as a sixth-generation farmer. (More on that here.)

And I know that figuring out how to make your farm profitable is stressful and paralyzing.

Now, you and I both know that farmers are no strangers to hard work.

But when I only taught marketing, many farmers were already too plagued by self-doubt to take the necessary actions even though they had all the necessary information.

So I became certified as a Mindset Coach, and combining the marketing information with the mindset support farmers needed to take action got my clients better and more results.

In the farm world, we don’t talk about our thoughts or feelings much. Not when there is ground to till or cows that need feeding. Most farmers will choose to invest in a tractor over coaching or therapy, any day of the week.

But the results are clear:

Coaching that allows you to take effective action is going to multiply the impact of every other investment you'll ever make on your farm. 

You can invest all the money in the world into seed, livestock, or equipment and you will not get a return on that investment unless you can build a profitable farm.

Let me help you.

Here's what my clients say about me

"We ended the season with our best sales year ever."

“When I reached out to Charlotte for coaching, I was overwhelmed and struggling, working a full-time job while trying to scale my farm.

I had listened to Charlotte’s podcasts many times and knew there had to be a more manageable way to live my life and run a profitable farm.

After just a few months of my coaching calls I could feel my work/life balance restoring and I no longer felt like my to do list was dragging me around.

The biggest shift for me came when I was able to let go of trying to do it all, and actually started running my farm, delegating responsibilities to my team.

We ended the season with our best sales year ever.

The guidance I have received from coaching over the last year has given me so much more free time and has helped me to build a strong team. Today, I continue my coaching calls with Charlotte because I know that the money is an investment in not only my business, but my life. I am so grateful I reached out and I promise you will be too. ” 

-Lyndsay Biehl, Wildroot Flower Co.

"We've been getting more customers and several grants."

We’d had some success on our farm but we’re feeling increasingly indecisive and frustrated around what was next. With a farm and small children we didn’t feel we had the time to read a bunch of books or listen to podcasts to figure it out on our own.

Working with Charlotte helped us restructure the WAY we think. Now, we seem to get new customers more easily, we have been awarded several grants, and we are able to just move forward with the business.

It can feel outside of a farmers comfort zone to reach out for help. We are a bunch that tend to want to figure everything out on our own. But if you are feeling stuck, distracted, or if you feel like what you’ve been doing isn’t working, I can not highly enough recommend one-on-one coaching with Charlotte.

Charlotte could not have come at a better time for us, and I am so happy or really, relieved, that we made the choice to invest in ourselves to make the adjustments necessary to better our lives, our farm, our business, and our future.

-Michael and Courtney Gutschenritter, Three Brothers Farm

Ready to get to work?


5X Your Farm Sales:
Marketing & Mindset Mastery

A 12-month marketing and mindset course for farmers, designed with everything you need to have a profitable farm that supports the life you want to live.