#113: The One Thing You Must Change in Your Marketing

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What I know to be true after working with hundreds of farmers, is the thing between you and the money you want to make is your marketing written in a way that connects and creates desire to buy.

The amount of sales you make is a direct result of your marketing.

And marketing that makes sales with ease starts with your thoughts about it.

Your mindset.

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So what is your mindset around your marketing…?

Most farmers first come to me and they think their marketing needs to be better, shouldn’t be so difficult, isn’t good enough – and THESE very thoughts prevent them from putting out good marketing.

And many farmers struggle to get out any marketing.

You want to learn the skill of having useful and productive thoughts about your marketing.

You want to have amazing thoughts about your marketing.

How do you know you have amazing thoughts about your marketing?

You’re making sales. 


You’re making consistent sales when your thoughts about your marketing are successful thoughts.

If you’re not making consistent sales with ease, you’ve got to develop the mindset to create that.

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