#136: The Huge Roadblock All Farmers Face – And Tips on How to Overcome

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Today, I’ve got an episode that will help those struggling to profit on your farms.

Last week I had 675+ farmers join me in Farm Marketing Week and I coached on this mistake over and over, so I know today’s episode will help you.

The challenge with overcoming this mistake is that it seems contrary to logic.

But that’s the struggle we have to overcome – it’s tempting to see what everyone else is doing to market their farms and copy the same techniques.

But those techniques aren’t working for them, either.

So then you get frustrated that it’s not working for you and you try even more strategies and techniques, spreading yourself even thinner.

Today will guide you through how and what to constrain and focus on to get to making more profit in your farm business.

And, a beautiful side-benefit, your life will calm down tremendously.

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>>The Huge Roadblock All Farmers Face – And Tips on How to Overcome<<

Have questions for Joel and I? Ask away, we’ll do a q&a there, too.

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