#144: How To Deal With the Difficult People in Your Life & Farm

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Imagine never again being blindsided, triggered, or annoyed by toxic people’s comments or obnoxious behavior at your family gatherings.

This is absolutely available to you – I teach you how in today’s Episode of the Profitable Mindset.

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Farmers often tell me the great lengths they go to in order to avoid people who make them uncomfortable. 

One farmer would climb out of his 2nd story window when difficult customers came into the store.

I’ve coached many farmers in tears over things people said that crushed them.

What if…. you don’t have to live that way? What if you can never feel offended again when people say or do things that have hurt you?

This is possible for you. In fact, if you want a fulfilling life and profitable farm, this is MANDATORY for you to learn.

If you don’t learn the skill of dealing with difficult people in a way that feels wonderful to you, you’ll keep yourself stuck, avoiding, complaining, and not enjoying your time you have to be around them.

Because let’s face it, there are times when we just have to suck it up and deal with difficult or toxic people in our days, whether it’s farm business or family life. 

I’ve got help on the podcast today that will make your life so much more enjoyable and fulfilling – no matter who you’re in the company of.

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