#163: How This Rancher Uses Coaching to Retire Family Members to Come Home & Work the Ranch

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Today on the Profitable Mindset Podcast, you’ll meet Sharleen, a 5th generation cattle rancher on the island of Kauai.

She’s been in my 5X program for over a year now, and like everyone who implements the coaching we provide, she’s creating results in her life she never imagined possible.

Listen to Sharleen’s Inspiring Success above.

I was inspired by her explanation of how Hawaiians view their farmland, farm animals, and even their kids with a form of respect I’ve never heard before.

Her story on the podcast changed how I think of my own little piece of heaven on earth. And I know it will you, too.

You’ll hear how her family told her to go get a career first, because they thought, “you’ve gotta have a job to afford to work on the ranch.”

That’s the past. She’s telling a different story now. Sharleen is changing her family legacy to one where you can ranch full-time and make money.

A story that you can tell for your family farm, too.

She’s learned through our work together that farms and ranches are profitable when you learn the skills through coaching to make them so.

So why isn’t everyone doing it? It’s hard work to implement new ways of thinking.

Hard work that Sharleen’s not afraid to do.

Because the payoff for her has been life-changing.

She’s paid off their mortgage. She retired her brother from his day-job to ranch full-time and make a good living.

Next, she’s retiring her husband to be full-time on the ranch.

AND make a good living.

This is what my clients are creating by implementing the coaching and the training I offer in the 5X Program.

5X Your Farm Sales opens up for registration on May 2nd. Plan on joining us and rewriting your family legacy.

Plan on working harder mentally than you’ve ever worked before and creating more success than you ever dreamed possible.

Sharleen and all my clients will tell you it’s worth every bit of hard work.

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