#199: The Five Phases of Your Farm Business for Game-Changing Success

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There are 5 phases you must go through on your farm to get to profit.

Sounds good so far – nice and easy! Just 5 phases!

But there’s a massive problem with this –

Most people get stuck looping in the first 3 phases and NEVER get to move on to phases 4 and 5.

You can’t get to a successful and profitable farm, though, unless you get through all the stages.

You’ll learn that phase 3 is the HARDEST stage – I don’t call it ‘the river of misery’ for nothing!

It’s the stage that makes you think you’ve done the wrong thing and need to quit.

It can take many months, maybe a year or two, to get to stage 4, but farmers tell me it’s worth it.

Farmers email me regularly about how sweet the payoff is after sticking with it through the hard building stages.

“The mindset work we do building farms is the hardest work you’ll ever do in your life, but it’s THE KEY to creating a farm business that serves YOU and your family… instead of a beast that eats you alive.”

The quote above is from 5X Your Farm Sales farmer who’s coached with me for 6 Years. Give it all the time it takes.

Today’s episode of the Profitable Mindset will teach you to stay with it instead of give up.

Only then, if you stay in the hard phase and actually move through it, will you get the reward of having built your profitable farm.

Let’s do it!


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