#81: How to Stop Worrying What People Think

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Every week I coach more than one farmer on feeling afraid to put themselves “out there.”
It sounds like this:

  • I’m afraid I’ll let people down 
  • But people will be disappointed
  • I don’t like how I look/sound on camera
  • I’m afraid people will criticize my… 

(fill in the blank – prices, farming practices, that I took a vacation, think I look frumpy, and on and on)
Does that sound like you? 

Listen, I know putting yourself out there is scary! But – you have to get over it if you want to be around for the long run.

Sounds so easy. And I know it’s not – because to get over it, you actually have to go through it and do it and feel the fear anyway!

And THAT sounds so scary!

This fear of what others may think of you sounds like a valid fear, but what if it isn’t? 

The truth is, EVERYONE is going to have an opinion. Sometimes even more than one. 

And – what if I told you, their opinion is none of your business?

‘Cuz it isn’t your business. It isn’t even about you. It’s about them, where they’re at that day, what season of life they’re in, what they had for breakfast.

What they think of you or your marketing is out of your control.

And when you put the focus on what their opinions might be, you’re actually making it about you… instead of serving them.

Friend, don’t get down on yourself for this – we ALL do it.

It’s a problem for my clients because worrying about what people will think about their marketing or prices or farming or family is holding them back from making money.

This fear is keeping them stuck and small.

When you fear what others might think of you, then when you DO post or email, you’re not even showing up as you! 

You’re presenting your customers and followers with a version of you that isn’t even the real you. Because that self is based on what you think they might want to see or hear.

So the “you” they like is not even the real you!

See how we twist ourselves into knots trying to pretend we’re something we’re not so people will like us?

So, how can we change this pattern of fear of what people think?
The solution is to shift your thinking. 

Simple as that? Yes. 

Easy? Maybe not, but that’s why I’m here. I’ll help you navigate that.

Tune into this week’s episode, I’ll help you start the process.


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