#94: 7 Ways You’re Wasting Huge Amounts of Time on Your Farm

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Are you running your farm or is your farm running you?

I ask because farmers regularly tell me they’re being pulled in all different directions by everything, everyone AND their dog (literally – sometimes their dog ).

What if I told you there’s a way to finally take control and freely move through your day, calmly, with plenty of time for everything – including time for you?

There are things you’re doing in your day that are preventing you from feeling in-control – things that you can learn to let go of so you can build a successful, sustainable life and business.

Episode 94 shows you what you’re doing to waste time.

So many of my 5X Coaching Clients are finally recognizing the seven ways their wasting precious time. Once they’re aware, then they’re able to stop.

This means, they take back control of their life and farm and are finding time to calmly get things done and make money.

You can do this too – take back control, feel calm and focused, and start making money.

To take back control you’ve got to get a few things in order, first.

Most important, tune in to episode 94 to learn the 7 key things most people are doing that waste HOURS of their time each day.

I know you’ll probably relate to several, if not all seven.

Once you become aware of these seven things, you’ll be able to eliminate them and get your time back for the things that really matter.

Things that matter, like precious family time and creating a successful farm business.



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