#27: How to Use Video on Your Farm to Make More Sales

The best way to make more sales and build trust with your customers is to do video.

Now I know what you’re going to say…

  • You don’t like yourself on video.
  • You don’t like the sound of your voice.
  • You stall, stutter and say “ummmm” every other word.

I know how you feel — I’ve been there too.

But in these uncertain times, video is a must if you want to sell and make a profit.

You can do it even if you’re scared.

Even if you don’t think you’re meant for the camera.

You got this. The only thing stopping you is your mindset and I can help you.

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Video’s been hugely profitable for your farm’s marketing.  It speeds up the know/like/trust factor so they come out to purchase quickly.

I’ve used videos on my website and blog, Youtube, and Facebook & Instagram. It works everywhere!

If you’ve been paying attention to your social media feed, you’ll notice that video is becoming more and more predominant.

Facebook and Instagram LOVE video because it’s more engaging and “builds a connection with friends.”

Facebook and Instagram: All About Building Relationships

When our “friends/followers” can see and hear us, they’re able to feel our enthusiasm about our farms and products, it’s inevitable that they connect with us on a deeper level.

And what happens when you’re able to connect with someone on a deeper level?

Customers will know, like and trust you faster.

This is how we build relationships in our everyday life with friends and customers, right?

And what happens when customers begin to trust you? That’s right, they buy from you.

And they buy from you sooner if they see videos of you! It’s just easier to make a connection that way.

(Plus there’s that little side benefit that Facebook loves video so it’s promoted more on that platform.)

It can be so much easier and faster to communicate excitement about a product you have, or energy around an event that’s coming up when you use video.

Video Makes Marketing Easier

There are some strategies to put in place though, because just as you can convey know/like/trust faster on video, you can convey the opposite just as quickly!

I’ve learned a few things over the years that will help you.

The first thing I’ve learned is – you’ve got to try it even if you’re scared! Most of us do not feel comfortable on camera or behind the camera. It does get easier with practice.


And you can always go back and delete those first videos when you start improving.

Also, you don’t need fancy equipment! Chances are you can start with what you have or maybe make a small investment. Then as you make sales, you can scale up in quality if you need it.

And here are my favorite tips and tools to help you feel confident starting out:

3 Types of Videos You Can Make:

  1. How-To: A quick way to make sales — especially with hard to sell products such as pork fat or whole chickens.
  2. Behind-the-Scenes: Give customers an inside look at the farm. I’ve made videos of everything from touring my new farm store to how I milk my cows.
  3. Educational: Fun, entertaining and inspirational videos where people learn something are perfect for social media! Health benefits of raw milk, exposés of industrial farming, and the benefits of pasture-raised eggs are some of my more popular videos.


  • Camera: if you have a smartphone of any kind (or can borrow one from a friend) you’re set! Several years ago I bought a handheld video camera but today the phone quality is so good I don’t have to use the handheld camera anymore.

PRO TIP: Download the ‘Google Drive’ app on your phone so you can upload videos easily. Then you can access the videos across all your devices!)

  • Tripod: A must for home videos. Not only will it prevent shaky videos that give viewers motion sickness, but it’ll also free up your hands in you want to video yourself when you’re solo! There’s plenty of affordable smartphone-friendly tripods on Amazon.
  • Microphone: smartphones have great audio, don’t worry about buying a mic. If you’re recording and want audio, only record on a non-windy day. Many handheld video cameras will require microphones, but you’ll have to ask the manufacturer to find out what mics are compatible.

Editing Software

  • Free: your computer should come with video editing software, such as iMovie (on a Mac) and Windows Movie Maker (on a PC). These are awesome and should be all you need for home videos! Additionally, you can get these apps on your smartphone for on-the-go editing.
  • Moderately Priced: Adobe has a free version of their simple video editor, but it has limited features. If you enjoy the free version you may consider upgrading to their inexpensive plan.
  • Pricey: Animoto is expensive, but if you find yourself doing TONS of videos (especially how-to’s, cooking videos, promos, etc) then Animoto is worth checking out. It has beautiful fonts to match your brand, a huge library of music to put over your videos, and fun slides to make your videos stand out.

How to Make Good Videos

  • Editing/Tech: the only way to get better is to practice practice practice! For tech help, YouTube is a great resource. While I haven’t found one single source for great tech resources, I’ve been able to learn everything myself by googling and watching YouTube how-to videos.
  • Inspiration: watch documentaries and channel your inner Nat Geo film director. 🤣 But seriously, watching documentaries and taking note of what parts make you feel emotional, inspired, etc will help you bring that energy into your homemade videos!
  • Filming Farm Animals: keep the camera rolling as much as possible! Especially with animals you never know when they’re going to do something cute or funny, so just hit record and follow them around for a while

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Now, I’d love to hear from you. Have you jumped on video yet -— or are you going to try it scared?

Let me know which tip you resonated most with. Can you act on that now?

Thank you for sharing! And – got a farmer friend who can use this encouragement? Please share this post with them, too 🙂

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