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This has been a loooong time coming!

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I LOVE farming. I LOVE animals. Customers. Dirt. Farm smells. LOVE it all!!

And I also love teaching other farmers how to sell and get their farm thriving instead of just sucking up cash (or building up debt :/ )

So as much as I need to be outside talking to my animals, caring for them, helping them thrive, I also feel just as big of an urge to share the things that I’ve done to make our farm a financial success.

This came about initially because in the past 10 years of farming I see farmers going out of business at a rate of about 90% or more. And I get unsettling emails regularly from all over the country from farmers agonizing over whether it’s worth staying in business.

It’s heartbreaking for me to witness, and I’m sure so depressing and miserable for them!

I know strategies to change that. So I started sharing them, putting them in blog posts, courses, talks at conferences. And seeing results of other farmers able to pull it off – able to build their farm’s financial success.

One of the best ways to sell your farm products is through online relationship based marketing which I teach in a 4 week course (you’ve heard me say this many times!!)

And I noticed through observing our students that if you have certain tools in place at the start of the course you will be so much more successful sooner.

So I created this free course to help you set up a productive website in one day — one foundation of a good marketing program that helps your farm (and family) thrive.

When I created my first website eight years ago it was so much more cumbersome back then – technology has evolved rapidly and consistently ever since then to the point we are today where you (yes YOU – no need to pay someone) can create a stunningly beautiful website in just one day if you follow the instructions in here on your own.

So my gift for you is a step-by-step process in these videos here walking you through creating your own beautiful and profitable website.

And with this foundation, when you take Farm Marketing from the Heartoh my gosh you will be in a position to just take off with your marketing and increase your sales and maybe even make it through the winter without all the normal financial stress the farm brings.

“But Charlotte, I already have a website.”

If you already have a profitable website that is making you money and bringing you loyal customers, then ignore this.

But if your current website is NOT making you money and building a lucrative, engaged, devoted customer base, I’d highly recommend you go through this program. You will hear all kinds of things in the videos you can change on your site to help you.

If you’re on a platform other than Squarespace (which the videos focus on) you can still learn how to optimize your site on your platform. Or, you may choose to switch to Squarespace – it may turn out to be better than your current platform.

Once I got my email marketing system and my website set up it paid for itself within the first month, that’s how productive and valuable a good marketing website is.

I encourage you to get started today! Email me anytime you have a question at info@3cowmarketing.com and I will get back to you. We are here to support you through this – even though it’s a free program we want to help you be successful.

Then in a month or so you can take what you’ve learned here and combine it with our new beginning email marketing course and you will be off and running and your farm will be a happy, flourishing, profitable place!

Please help get the word out – forward this to your farmer friends who need a website or need to improve their current one. This is such a valuable tool – everyone needs it! And it’s free to boot!!

As you look at other farm sites online, you’ll notice some farmers have paid lots of $$ for some fancy websites – they look great, but are they working for that farm? And by working, I mean building and growing a faithful customer base that makes the farm financially sustainable.

The reason I point this out is that some of you mistakenly think you need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to build your website. But money invested in a website does not correlate across to dollars earned through the site.

The key ingredients of a website that works for you and grows your farm income can be done just as easily on the $30-ish/month Squarespace site. Then, as you grow and become profitable down the road, maybe you want to upgrade to that fancy $5,000 site??? It’s totally up to you but you will still be in business to make that choice!

Ok, that’s it – dive in – send me your new site – and most importantly, have fun!!



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