How to Stay in Business as the Popularity of Farm Fresh Food Declines

As if running a farm and dealing with weather challenges, predator problems, or  crop issues isn’t enough, now we have to stay ahead of all the marketing trends that challenge our sales, too!

In the last ten years, we’ve seen farming as a profession and farm fresh food become hip, cool, and trendy.

And while farm fresh food and flowers, and sales of backyard chickens, are not going to disappear, there are indicators showing the public is moving on to other trends and not quite as ready to spend half a day driving out to the boonies to pick up their groceries, or enroll their kids in their local 4-H group with a home-raised hog.

More and more, the public is prioritizing convenience of food over the superior quality of our farm fresh products.

So if you’re marketing your farm fresh products as “pastured/grass fed” or “gmo-free” or “humanely raised and more nutritious” those techniques just aren’t going to attract enough customers for you to build your profitable farm.

And if you and I want to stay ahead of the trends, we have to accept that convenience is overtaking quality and fight for our market place!

There is ONE thing that will make the public prioritize our farm fresh food quality over convenience, and that’s what I address in the video below.

To get started building your own loyal customer base that will buck the convenience trend and instead, prioritizes your fresh products that are higher quality but less convenient, be sure to take our free email marketing course, the 2nd training on this page:

How to Build a Loyal Customer Base

Farmers can win this battle and thrive!

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