#104: How This Farmer Increased Sales by 40% in 2021 and will 4X in 2022

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There is a process to marketing so you can build a profitable farm.

Everyone can learn it. But very few (if any?) are teaching it.

Until now.

The 5X Your Farm Sales Coaching Program for farmers has mastered the process of teaching you Advanced Marketing Strategies to build a profitable farm.

You’ll know you don’t have the process down if you’re not getting good results in your marketing.

The problem is, most people think marketing and making money on your farm is just a series of actions that work.

But in my 10 years working with farmers, no amount of “right marketing action” will get you to success or profit sustainably.

The marketing strategies you employ will only work if you start with a positive, useful mindset.

This is the process I teach that makes your marketing successful and is not being taught anywhere else. 

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Then, listen to Beth’s story on the podcast today.

Up until a year ago, Beth Carver treated herself like an “abusive boss” in her farm business.

She constantly felt like she wasn’t good enough.

She thought she had to drive herself and talk to herself harshly in order to get the business successful.

This never works. 

She thought if she treated herself kindly, then she wouldn’t be motivated to do the hard things her farm biz required.

The problem was, she was struggling in the business AND not feeling good about herself.

Beth was constantly feeling guilty – if she was working on the business, she felt guilty ignoring her 2-year-old son.

If she was with her son, she felt guilty not working in her business.

This was such a heavy, exhausting, burdensome way to live her days.

This is so common among farmers!

We think we need to drive ourselves hard to make the business successful.

We think we don’t deserve time off, or we haven’t earned the right to pay ourselves yet.

Many farmers tell me they are burdened by this constant feeling that they aren’t doing anything quite good enough – the farm, the marketing, or being a mom & wife.

This constant feeling of not good enough makes building a profitable farm impossible.

You read that right.

You can’t get to a profitable farm, your marketing won’t work, if you don’t figure out how to change your thoughts about yourself.

I teach Advanced Marketing Strategies – but those strategies will not work if you’re not in a place mentally where you have your own back. 

Where you give yourself compassion and confidence with ease.

That’s just ONE of the huge advancements Beth has made in the past year that allowed her to increase her sales by 40% while feeling confident AND ALSO while realizing she actually liked herself for the first time in her life.
Beth is not alone.

It’s rampant among women farmers, especially, that we are super hard on ourselves.

My clients’ logic is that they need to drive themselves to create success.

But this does not work. It prevents you from success.

Listen to Beth’s full interview by clicking the link above.

Then, join 5X Your Farm Sales and give yourself the gift of a profitable business once you learn how to be confident and treat yourself with compassion.

EVERYTHING in your life and business is easier when you learn to like yourself.

This is the ONLY room where you’ll learn self-compassion, confidence, decisiveness AND the marketing strategies to build a profitable farm.

See you in the room,


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