#150: How This Lavender Farmer Learned to Stop the Fear, Guilt, & Overwhelm and Start Making Money & Love Life

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Farming is a beast, you’ve heard me say.

And you absolutely must learn the skills to tame that beast if you want to be farming long-term (and if you want to be happily married long-term!)

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If you don’t learn the skills, the price you pay personally, emotionally, and financially is just too high.

My client, Kathleen, is on the podcast today sharing how she struggled so much her first year of farming.

She’d be taken over by fear of failure, guilt of spending so much money to get started. Shame and overwhelm were regular visitors.

And her biggest ‘target’ when she struggled was her husband – she blamed him for everything that was going wrong in her world.

She thought he didn’t support her, didn’t want to invest in her.

You can imagine how that went over in her marriage.

But then she met me at the lavender conference where I was the keynote speaker and she knew coaching would help her.

Soon after starting coaching in my program, she began learning and implementing tools to stop blaming her husband and stop getting angry at him.

And she says it’s been mind-blowing how everything shifted in their relationship once she became aware of how she was blaming him for how she felt.

Now, she has a supportive partner. Not because he changed, but because SHE did.

She learned how to invest in her farm without guilt. If overwhelm creeps up, she knows how to get out from under it swiftly.

Her confidence grew when she dove into the confidence-building exercises. This confidence shows up in her marketing, and her sales are growing steadily.

These are all skills we’re not taught anywhere else in life.

And you’ll need to plan on learning these skills if you plan on farming.

Most farmers give up because it just becomes “too hard” – meaning, the emotional toll is too great on themselves & their families.

Kathleen is sharing today how she has reversed that emotional toll and her story will encourage you that you can do it as well.

You can absolutely learn to love your life, love your farm, and make money with much more ease.

Then, plan on joining Kathleen in 5x Your Farm Sales & Life in February.

Your farm, your life, and every relationship you have will improve drastically.



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