#105: How I Built A Loyal Customer Base Who Paid Our Higher Prices

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When I started my farm in 2009, it was so much more than my livelihood.

I started the farm because I watched my family heal from chronic illnesses after eating the products I raise.

I then got to witness my property go from a weed-infested dirt lot, over-grazed by horses, to a thriving mini-ecosystem.

And over the years, I’ve helped hundreds, if not thousands of families in my community find health, connection, and joy at my farm.

But at the end of the day, my farm is still a business, and every business needs customers.

In 2009 I brought home my first milk cow, and I was sold out of milk and kept a waiting list of customers ever since for 10 years.

When I raised a big batch of Thanksgiving turkeys every year, they’re all pre-sold by September, with one email. Whether it’s eggs, grass-fed beef, pastured chickens or pork, I always had a loyal community eager and excited customers ready to buy.

That’s the dream, right? To do what you love plus get paid for it?!

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Often we get into farming because we love the land, animals, and fresh air. Not because we’re excited to stand around at farmer’s markets all day, answer dozens of emails, or get out in the community and meet new customers.

Whether you’re brand new to farming or you’re a seasoned vet, you’re probably thinking the same thing I was when I brought home my first milk cow, and I quickly realized milking cows was too expensive of a hobby to do just for my family –

“How do I find customers who value our products, don’t compare them to grocery store prices, and will return from season to season or year to year?”

It’s a pretty simple answer that is not easy, but totally do-able.

Starting a farm and farming is really hard. Also, the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done, thank goodness, or I couldn’t have done it another day!

You know exactly what I mean.

Now I teach farmers every day how to create a store full of customers who love you, your farm, and never question your prices and even encourage you to charge what you need to.

And guess what? You can find these people, too!

How did I find customers for my farm products?

This is part one in a series where I share all I did to create a loyal consistent customer base and built my profitable farm.

Listen to episode 105 to get started.


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