#85: 3 Steps to Overcome Your Biggest Obstacle to Building a Profitable Farm

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The first step in me teaching you how to make money on your farm is showing you that the reasons YOU THINK you’re not profitable… aren’t the real reasons.

Your website, the location you live, your products not being “right”, not being able to raise your prices – are NOT WHY your farm isn’t making money. 

The ONLY thing in the way of you making a profit on your farm – is YOU. Lemme explain.

Truth is, your farm will only be as successful as your thoughts about yourself.

Wild concept, right?? But we now have the research showing us why/how some people get to great success and many don’t.

In order to build a successful, profitable farm, you first have to have a strong belief in you. Yourself.

This is not a skill we’re born with, you’ve gotta learn it. And, lucky you, this is the work I do.

Today’s culture has taught us we have to prove our worth and ability in order to deserve to charge the price we need.

We think we’re being “humble” when we’re self-deprecating. We’re taught we don’t want people to think WE think too highly of ourselves!!

But – as cute as it is in a group of people, it’s keeping you at a low level of success. 

If your self concept is not strong, your business won’t be either.

This self-belief is where I start with all my clients who want more success in their business.

If I just teach them my advanced marketing strategies without increasing their self-belief first, the strategies don’t work.

You already suspect this. You know you’re posting and emailing and doing videos – and taking all the actions you see others doing – and your actions are NOT resulting in a farm business with an ample profit margin.

Again, your ample profit margin will only become the result AFTER you get your belief in yourself set.

Once my clients up-level their belief in themselves (I teach you how) – more profit CAN be instantaneous.

From their new place of believing in themselves (a learned skill) their flyers and emails and social media posts – create massive financial gains.

Remember – it’s NOT your products, your farming practices, your website, your location OR YOUR SPOUSE holding you back from being profitable.

It’s one thing and one thing only.

Fix this, you’re golden. I see this evidence daily with my clients.

In this episode, I teach you 3 Strategies to Overcome Your Biggest Obstacle to Building a Profitable Farm. 

It takes a certain level of vulnerability and bravery to finally make the decision to do the work on yourself. Most people won’t. Will you?

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PS: Plan on working with me in “5X Your Farm Sales” starting in September. We start with strengthening your belief in YOU.

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