#111: How Brittany Took Her Farm From $15,000 in Sales to $125,000 in Sales This Past Year

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I’m hearing that farmers in communities all around the world are looking at the 5X Your Farm Sales farmers and wondering how in the world they’re making a profit…

AND doing it with ease…

…when they — neighbors — are struggling to pay the bills and often LOSING money every year.

Today’s interview is an example of just how my clients are finally making money with way more ease and balance. And the farm community around her is noticing.

Hear from Brittany about how she more than 5X’d her farm sales this past year after joining the coaching program.

She now makes more money than her husband, a medical director, and they’ve been able to follow through on their 13-year dream you’ll hear about on the podcast.

She’s able to make all their dreams come true because of the time she’s learned to create through coaching, the life balance, and the money she’s able to make using all the other resources in the program.

You’ll be inspired.

But don’t be tempted to sell the farm and move to Hawaii where it averages 80 degrees year ’round… I asked and she says it’s not as romantic as it sounds. 😉

Brittany is just one example of what’s possible in your life when you commit to doing the hardest work you’ll ever do and learning the skills and mindsets to build a profitable farm.

Hardest work – yes. But the most fulfilling and valuable work you’ll ever do, as Brittany explains.

See you in Episode 111.


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