#122: How Expecting Others to Act a Certain Way Keeps You Stuck – and How to Fix This

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Many farmers move through their days disappointed by others’ actions or lack of actions.

In my farmer coaching group, farmers show up frustrated with thoughts like – “my husband should be supporting me in quitting my job.”

Or, maybe your farm partners don’t want to work as hard as you think they should.

And since farming and personal life are often intertwined, even personal expectations stop you up, such as – “my ex should be keeping me informed of the kids’ activities.”

The problem you create for yourself is – when you feel disappointed or frustrated others aren’t doing what you want, you keep yourself stuck NOT doing the things in your business you need to move ahead.

Soon, you’re not only feeling terrible, disappointed, frustrated – now you’re not making money.

This compounds the negative feelings – now you’re feeling stressed and anxious about your sales or lack of income.

Even if the thing you expect the other person to do is logical and rational, they still may not do it (because they’re autonomous adults with agency).

You’re thinking some version of, “people aren’t doing what they’re supposed to and we’re not making money.”

But there IS a solution – and it all lies within your ability to shift your mindset.

Mindset coaching teaches you how to shift your thoughts from what’s NOT working to thoughts that create successful, profitable results.

Today’s episode of the Profitable Mindset Podcast will teach you how to start shifting from un-useful/unproductive thoughts that keep you stuck not making money…

…to thoughts that will drive the actions needed to build your profitable farm.

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