#120: How to Stop Criticizing Yourself So You Move Forward With Ease

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Many of us confuse “being honest” with disrespecting ourselves.

We think we’re just telling the truth when we say things like:

  • “My marketing isn’t working”
  • “I should’ve had this down by now”
  • “I’m not very tech-savvy”
  • “People don’t appreciate the work we do”

These are various versions of thoughts I’ve heard from farmers many times over the years. Most farmers just think they’re statements of fact.

But what if thinking this is actually you keeping yourself stuck and small and hurting you and your business?

That’s what research shows us is true and I want to offer you help today.

Self-respect (how we talk to ourselves) is actually a skill most of us need to learn.

Many of us were taught as we grew up to be humble and not arrogant or conceited. To be self-deprecating, even.

When you tell yourself these so-called “truths” you think are making you look humble, you’re actually creating terrible results for yourself in your life.

These thoughts do not result in you feeling good about yourself or your farm AND they prevent you from making money.

Today’s episode of the Profitable Mindset Podcast will help you do the following:

  • Become aware of how you’re hurting your business with what you think
  • What simple practice you need to implement that will make your success inevitable
  • And what to think that will make you feel better immediately

Click the link above and learn how to move ahead in your business with ease.

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