#175: How This Flower Farmer Increased Her Price by 30% and Still Sells Out

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Three days before her wedding, flower farmer Colleen Taugher sat down with me to record this podcast episode.

She was calm, balanced, energetic, and stress-free.

Even during her busy-flower-season! Plus, designing her own wedding bouquets.

She credits the 5x coaching program with allowing her to easily and calmly plan her wedding, do all her flowers, and take off for a 10-day honeymoon.

All while managing a busy flower farm and employees and fulfilling her floral design orders.

And she’s making more money than ever in her business this year.

You see, over the past year in the coaching program, she’s learned to increase her prices by enough to hire help and still make a profit.

She credits the Time Management class I teach with balancing her ADHD brain.

She’s no longer in constant reaction mode on her farm. She could get off the “hamster wheel” she felt she was running on in the past.

Life’s too short to be stressed and overwhelmed.

She started with the 5x time management program, and Colleen went from feeling frantic and overwhelmed to farming and wedding planning, feeling fun and balanced.

With my program, she learned to be realistic with her schedule, and her brain calmed down.

She implemented the coaching and teaching, and became so much more productive.

And. Did I mention…

Raising her prices up-leveled her customer base. The bargain hunters dropped off, and more enthusiastic people eager to pay her high prices showed up instead.

You’ll be inspired by what Colleen has done in the past year with coaching.

Listen to her success above.

Plan on joining us in 5X Your Farm Sales in August! When you implement the teaching and coaching, you’ll create success in your life and business that you never imagined possible.

Working harder does not make you more money.

Otherwise, every farmer would make tons of money – NO ONE works harder than farmers.

Tune in and listen to Colleen’s story of success.

Then let’s make yours a reality, too.


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