#121: Three Simple Steps to Cope Better When Things Go Wrong on the Farm

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You can be skilled at farming AND marketing but still NOT be making money on your farm.

Here’s why…

Most farmers are missing the mindset skills required to build a sustainable & profitable farm.

(Actually, it’s not just limited to farmers, it’s all humans – we aren’t taught mindset management anywhere in our lives. Until now.)

Here’s how it goes – farmers start their farms.

They’re great at producing top-quality products.

They’ve built – or paid to have built – a nice-looking website that works.

They get lots of likes and comments showing interest.

Maybe even making lots of sales. But not quite making money.

And – because farming is the beast it is – there are lots of moving parts.

This means more opportunities for things to go wrong, to break, and mistakes to be made.

And these problems take up so much of your time.

Problems like these my client brought to our coaching call this week:

  • “Nothing’s working out”
  • “Things keep breaking or falling apart”
  • “I’m always waiting for the other shoe to drop”
  • “I’m wasting so much of my time”

She said she feels useless when she thinks this way.

Once she makes herself feel useless, then she second-guesses herself – like, ‘why do it when it probably won’t work out anyway.’

This makes her feel overwhelmed.

Which results in more struggle and feeling stuck.

Not moving ahead on the money-making activities.

And not making a profit.

This kind of thinking happens to a lot of farmers and if you don’t figure out how to turn it around, most people decide to throw in the towel and quit eventually.

They decide it’s too miserable to live long-term in overwhelm and feeling like things aren’t working.

But today’s episode of the Profitable Mindset Podcast will teach you a few simple – but incredibly powerful – things that will help add the mindset skills you need to build your profitable farm.

Click the link above to learn the missing piece of building a profitable farm.

They’re simple shifts you can start practicing immediately and you’ll notice results right away, too.


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