#132: How This Farmer Works Far Less While Making Far More Profit – Client Interview

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Imagine this for you:

“I’m making the same amount of money working far fewer hours this year. I’m confident I can make any amount of money I want with this farm. Everyone notices how much calmer and nicer I am.”

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OR watch our video interview below:

Many farmers quit because they reach the breaking point where they realize the stress is not worth it.

EVEN WHEN they’re making money, they realize the money is not worth the mental, physical and emotional toll they pay.

Not to mention the toll on all their relationships.

You see, being a farmer means we face an extraordinarily large number of challenging circumstances daily that most other business owners do not have to contend with.

The extraordinary circumstances aren’t going away any time soon – the weather, death, and loss of animals and crops, government regulations, the HIGH financial inputs, the rising costs of everything…

…are what it means to be a farmer.

Since those circumstances aren’t going away and are actually a normal part of a farm business, you’ve got to learn how to manage your mindset around them.

Today’s interview with my client Lisa shows you how she turned this around.

She still has all the same circumstances – farm, customers, rising costs, and prices not kept up.

But through coaching, she’s created these results:

  • Far easier to manage employees-you taught me how to delegate with ease and feel confident in their abilities
  • Much less stress every day
  • Much more acceptance, feeling calm, and no more complaining.
  • A feeling of free and in control
  • “My kids hug me every day”
  • CSA members are happier because there’s a calmer and more peaceful feeling on our farm
  • Mistakes happen, and I don’t flip out
  • I learned the skill of no longer taking things personally, such as when a customer quits or gets upset at a mistake that was made.

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This work is the best thing you can do in your life. It will change every area of your life – and farm – for the better.

Be ready – 5X Your Farm Sales opens up in a couple weeks and you can meet Lisa inside and have the same huge successes she’s had.

Anything is possible for you when you learn to manage your mindset.

I mean – absolutely anything.

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