#127: The Cutting Edge Practice my Clients Use to Make Farm Life Way More Manageable

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You may know logically –

  • Worry will never make you feel better.
  • Hustling will never make you feel more peaceful.
  • Self-criticism will never make you feel good about yourself.
  • Trying to do it all will NEVER make you feel productive or accomplished.

And though you may know this to be true, most people don’t know how to stop doing it.

I can help. And I’m working with farmers daily teaching them how.

These four things don’t work to make life manageable.

They actually move you backward in your life and business.

Click the link above to learn the first step of the solution to creating more time

I’ll spend the next few weeks giving you the antidote to this problematic thinking.

Then you will use what you hear on the podcast to gradually rewire your brain to STOP the unproductive/unuseful thinking.

When you give what I offer a try, you’ll notice you start to default to useful thinking that solves problems.

The worry, hustle, self-criticism and overwhelm will start to be replaced with calm, balanced and self-confidence.

How do I know?

I’ve done it myself AND my clients in 5X Your Farm Sales report this is what’s happening to them regularly.

Over our year together, they’re learning to STOP the four un-useful habits above and life starts to be so calm and even fun for them.

Sometimes, for the first time in their lives.

Give it a try.

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