#133: 3 Simple Tips to Get Your Newsletter Making Many Times More Money

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I’ve had farmer after farmer email me after Farm Marketing Week (all free) and tell me they implemented a few of the coaching tips I offered…

…and they made money where before they were making none, or they make double, triple, or more than their previous sales.

The email I got just this week – she sold 80% of her wreaths with ONE email where before she wasn’t selling any in her emails.

THIS is the power of learning the skill of marketing.

If you’re not making money, that’s feedback you’ve got to work on your marketing mindset first and your strategy second.

It’s not that you live in the wrong place or your website is just not working.

Those things are not preventing you from making money.

My clients and the attendees to FMW are learning it’s their marketing mindset they need to adjust first, and their strategy they need to learn second.

Lucky for you, I am a master at both and offer this education FREE a few times a year during Farm Marketing Week.

Sign up. Show Up. Level up.

I KNOW this will happen for you. The hundreds of farmers it’s worked for just in the past 6 months will attest to that.

See you there.

Click HERE to sign up for Farm Marketing Week – Free Coaching

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