#98: This Strategy Will Help You Overcome Doubt About Your Farm Finances

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In 10 months of coaching inside 5X Your Farm Sales, Maggie has had HUGE success.

She knew from our coaching that her sales and marketing were being scattered and diluted with all the different products they sold – chickens, pork, vegetables and more.

So last May she decided to make her farm profitable by focusing on one thing and we coached on all the fear around that.

It worked. With her newfound confidence from her weekly coaching calls, she raised her prices and started making money. Finally making a profit.

The farm is now paying for itself AND she’s banking a profit.

Sounds amazing, right?

But what happened next is why she continues coming back to be coached each week – as soon as you set new, bigger goals, your brain is wired to be fearful.

She’s making money, paying the bills, banking the extra, and she STILL feels an overwhelming feeling of doubt about her ability to pay the land payment.

This debilitating fear is totally normal when you’re building a business – but so many farmers use it against themselves instead of getting coached to manage it.

Maggie’s fear drove her to get a part-time job (in addition to full-time raising 5 kids AND running the farm). She didn’t really have time for that job, eh?

If she hadn’t nipped this fear in the bud in our last coaching session, she would’ve proven the fear true and spread her resources – again – and NOT been able to make the payments.

Hear how she did it in THIS episode of the Profitable Mindset.

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You’ll learn about the superpower we develop in 5X Your Farm Sales and how you can apply it to your farm.

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