#152: The Tools These Farmers Are Using to Build Profitable Farms and Fulfilling Lives

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This week you saw me offer feedback on several farm websites that I know from experience, when you implement the coaching I offered, will be the start of you 5X’ing your farm sales.

That’s just one coaching session. We do this EVERY week inside the coaching program.

  • The farmers I’m giving feedback to each week are selling out in ONE email what used to take them months.
  • They’re selling more in ONE WEEK than they used to sell the whole season.
  • They’re raising their prices to make a 40%+ profit finally.

Join Now and Begin 5X’ing Your Farm Sales AND Your Life

All because they’re committing to doing the work of working on their mindset and their marketing for one year.

Not only are they making more money, they experience this:

  • No longer feeling burned out
  • Working reasonable hours
  • Setting firm boundaries
  • Making daily time for themselves
  • Feeling present with their family every day

You’ve got to know, though, 5X’ing your farm sales is not all about the money.

It never is.

Yes, money solves a lot of immediate problems.

We solve those for sure!

But then, 5X’ing their farm sales becomes about so much more.

  • Paid off mortgages.
  • Husbands and wives able to quit day-jobs and be home full-time on the farm.
  • Healed marriages. Healed relationships with parents and in-laws and kids.
  • No more juggling bills each month because there’s always enough in the bank.
  • Finally taking a family getaway during the busiest months of summer… with NO guilt.

And more.


The average person will 5X their sales. Some less, some more, depending on how committed you are to the coaching.

And then you find –

The more profit your farm makes, the more you are able to do for your community, your family, and yourself.

It’s the difference between being stuck at the computer trying to make the numbers work and being able to hire and help a bookkeeper make a living so you can improve the soil.

It’s about working hard and seeing your customers have better health and better lives because of your farm products.

It’s about having time for yourself again and having more time with your family, instead of constantly working and worrying about being able to pay the bills.

And I know you’re no stranger to hard work, so if you’re willing to put in the effort to make these outcomes happen for you, sign up for my program, 5x Your Farm Sales Coaching Program for Farmers.

Inside, you’ll get one year of:

  • Advanced Marketing Strategies for your specific marketing pieces. Focused feedback every week. Learn the 5 Day Focused Sales Launch
  • Access to three of my best courses designed to help stop the overwhelm, structure your farm for profit, and increase your sales
  • Access to a Facebook group where you’ll meet and learn with fellow farmers on the same path as you
  • Weekly group coaching with me where you can bring any problem, marketing, business, or life challenges, that comes up for you along the way and be supported in your growth

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