#189: How and When to Diversify Your Farm

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If you’ve got a diversified farm and you’re overwhelmed, overstretched, overbusy – please know you’re not alone.

You CAN turn things around.

Truth is, you MUST turn it around or you’ll do yourself and your farm in.  

(98% go out of biz by year five, losing lots of $$. Let’s fix this.)

This is my life’s work – helping farmers turn their money-losing farm ventures into sustainable lifestyles.

Here’s the challenge – as farmers, we know a diversified farm is what’s best for the soil, the animals, and our communities.

Pastures dotted with grazing cows followed by scratching chickens define nutrient dense food!

We’ve read and heard monocultures in agriculture are unsustainable.

Acres and acres of just one veg or one flower — lettuce, for instance – means lack of disease controlling species. So then far more chemicals are needed to get the product to the customer.

But we cause ourselves problems when we confuse the end with the means.

If we try to start our farms with diversification of products and sales, we’ll do ourselves in.

First – what do I mean about diversified?

A diversified farm means you’re selling:

1 – More than one thing (chicken, beef, eggs, flowers, veg, classes, events, etc.) 

2 – To more than one type of person (wholesale customer, retail customer, trying to reach all the people)

3 – In more than one place (online, at markets, on your farm, on FB, IG, Youtube, Tiktok… all the places)

I teach a very specific process to my clients in 5X to get their farms profitable.

The process is simple. It works. My clients who implement the process turn around their losing ventures.

But most farmers outside of my program won’t implement it.

Because it goes against what they see every other farmer doing!

Today’s episode of the Profitable Mindset Podcast will shed light on how & when to diversify.

And – getting inside my coaching group is crucial – the hardest thing you’ll do in trying to build a successful farm is go against what you see everyone else is doing.

But you must if you want to succeed.

I’m here to help.

See you in Episode 189 of the Profitable Mindset Podcast.

Warm hugs,


PS: 5x Opens Up Again in January – plan on joining. 👏

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