#138: Are Facebook Ads Worth It — If So, How to Get the Most Out of Them

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If social media marketing is a bear, Facebook ads are a BEAST!

This is my experience, AND, I see evidence of it in your emails and messages about your struggles with social media marketing in general, ads specifically.

I give a 2-hour long social media marketing class at conferences.

That’s too long for you here on the podcast, so I condensed it into 31 minutes of super focused ideas to help you.

Tune in to episode 138 and you’ll learn:

  • The best time to post on social media
  • My favorite, free, social media scheduling software
  • Pros and cons of using automatic schedulers for your posts
  • How to get more potential customers following you instead of lots of other farmers
  • What exactly you can expect from FB ads
  • How much to plan on spending on ads

Today’s episode is a gold-mine for those of you contemplating using social media.

And a diamond-mine for those of you wanting to place FB.

Today is pure strategy.

See you in Episode 138 of the Profitable Mindset.


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