#142: The Multi-Million Dollar Skill I Teach My Clients – Try It Today

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I’ve got a powerful episode for you today.

I’m teaching you a skill that, when you hone it, you’ll be unstoppable in your farm business.

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Do you know how, when you set a goal – ANY goal – the next thing that happens is you start to feel some negative emotions such as:

  • overwhelm
  • scarcity – not enough time
  • not enough money
  • scared it won’t work
  • nervous others won’t like it

Well, most of us use those emotions to mean we made the wrong choice or are going down the wrong path.

But. What if those emotions are the currency you pay for having a successful business?

In my experience and my training, feeling bad IS the price you pay if you want to reach a goal or overcome a big hurdle.

But no one likes to feel bad!

No worries, though. I got you.

Today’s episode will teach you very simply what is the antidote to the terrible feelings that come up on the road to success.

I call this the million-dollar skill, because my clients who learn and practice this skill watch their sales increase, their ability to charge a profitable price increases, and they are finally making an absurd profit.

Click the link above and listen to episode #142 and learn.

Cheers to your profitable farm!


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