#143: How To Raise Your Prices When You Feel You’re Already Charging a Premium

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Many farmers feel like their prices are already higher than the grocery store, or the highest in the area, so they think they can’t possibly raise them any higher.

But they’re still not making a sustainable profit.

They (you?) often feel guilty even thinking about increasing them to be able to afford to hire help or lift some of the financial burden you feel.

Now you’re not making enough money to hire enough help, so you’re overworking, often exhausted, and feeling overwhelmed.

Next, you often start adding other products, services or sales outlets which means even MORE overwhelm and overworking, but even LESS money.

This is the hamster wheel farmers often find themselves trying to get off of.

So what do you do when your prices aren’t working for you but you think you can’t raise them?

You’ve got to go to the root of the problem – that’s what I outline in today’s episode of the Profitable Mindset Podcast.

It’s not that you’re already the highest price in the area. It’s not that you feel guilty charging more. It’s not that you just haven’t found the right combo of products/bundles/customers.

The solution is inside Episode 143 – tap the link above to learn.

Let’s get you raising your prices with ease.



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