#96: If Your Husband Makes You Angry or Frustrated, This Process Will Help

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Last week, three farmers in a row came to me for help with the same problem.

One farmer was vaccinating sheep with her husband, she didn’t shut the gate fast enough and a ewe got through.

Her husband yelled and was making her extremely anxious.

Another’s husband made her super frustrated when he went to make a delivery and forgot a couple of people’s orders. Again.

The third farmer’s husband made her anxious and guilty while they were doctoring an injured cow.

In Episode #96, I walk you through the solution that will make working together so much more peaceful.

Farmers show up to our coaching calls knowing I will help them.

They want me to help them NOT feel frustrated, angry or anxious.

And I do.

But not in the way you or they expect.

The coaching I offer them always surprises them.

They come wanting to figure out how to get their husbands to stop making them feel so bad.

And I for sure help them to do that – but it is 180° from what you’re thinking will happen.

Listen to today’s episode to hear how to finally stop being triggered by your spouse or partner on the farm.

It’s almost unfair that if we’re farmers and we’re married we often have to work with our partners, too.

This familiarity of living together, running a household together, raising a family together, and then farming together can breed all sorts of struggles among my clients.

And if you don’t get help to figure out the struggles, you’ll cause yourself lots of stress.

My clients tell me they feel anxious, angry, terrible, and triggered by everything going on around them on their farm and in their home.

After coaching, my clients feel more confident in their ability to stay balanced in the midst of catastrophes and in control of how they feel.

Tune in to Episode 96 so you can make working with your spouse so much more pleasant.

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