#145: This Coach/Therapist Is Now Coaching Farmers And Will Improve Your Relationships AND Your Bottom Line

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This episode is one of the richest conversations I’ve had on the podcast, you’ll learn things just by listening that will shift your life and relationships today.

Sandy is a marriage and family therapist with 25 years experience AND she’s a skilled coach.

Best news of all, I just hired her to coach the farmers in my program.

One thing I know for sure. When you have a farm – relationship struggles are guaranteed. The farm lifestyle is challenging, so these struggles are a given.

I’ve loved that my podcast and my coaching program have normalized this fact for farmers – that farm life is hard and therefore your relationships will struggle… and that’s okay. I’m here with help.

Tune into the episode and hear our deep and revealing conversation – you’ll learn things that will help you today.

Click the link above to listen OR click the image below to watch us 🙂

Sandy’s compassionate, grounded, educated, and immensely skilled in bringing change to all the relationships you struggle with.

You’ll get a lot from watching her coach farmers and from requesting to be coached yourself…

…and if you’re not in my coaching program yet – you’ll learn a ton just from our conversation here.

The greatest asset Sandy’s coaching brings to this program is her experience and wisdom.

YES, she’s a highly educated AND skilled therapist and coach.

But her life experience and wisdom gained from 25 years of working with couples and family relationships, will improve your life, your farm, your bank account, your family.

If you’re not in 5X Your Farm Life, be prepared to join the first week of February.

Since relationship struggles are normal and expected, I’ve now normalized getting help.

Getting help with your relationships should be a given, not a shameful thing like it was in generations before me.

ALL the farmers is 5X Your Farm Life now believe it’s okay to have problems and it’s okay, and normal, to seek help from me and my coaches.

We’re here for you and I’m delighted to add Sandy to the support team here.

You can’t build your profitable farm if you don’t work on your mindset first.

Sandy’s coaching calls are Thursdays at 2 PM Pacific – tune in live, listen to the recordings, get coached – or join 5 X Your Farm Life when it opens in February and get on her list to be coached.

You’ll be eternally grateful to yourself for doing so when all your life improves.

Warm hugs,


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