#149: The Tools This Farmer Uses To Reach Every Single Goal She Sets

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Setting and then reaching goals is a skill.

It’s not something you’re born knowing how to do.

And farmer after farmer in my coaching program is reaching goals and achieving levels in life they never imagined possible.

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Goals like:

  • Making a significant profit where before there was little or none
  • Daily life happens with ease – very little stress and anxiety
  • Quitting day jobs, retiring spouses from their day job
  • Vacationing multiple times a year instead of once every few years
  • Free time every day – even in the busy season
  • Finding 10-20+ more hours in the week

And my clients are doing this by using the skills I teach, the extraordinary goal-setting process I use, and the coaching I offer them.

Today on the Profitable Mindset podcast, you get to meet my client, Laura, from Vermont, who reached every single goal she set last year using the tools inside my coaching program.

She blows her own mind today with what she’s capable of achieving on her farm!

Our fun and rich conversation outlines how she lives a life full of joy and calm — AND money from her farm profit.

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It wasn’t always that way for her.

Before coaching, Laura was familiar with other people making her angry.

She didn’t have consistent free time, let alone the 2 hours a day she has now.

She was not making a profit on her farm and yet was not raising her prices.

Then she met me in 2019 when I was speaking at a farm conference in Vermont.

We connected and she knew I had things to share that would help her.

In our interview she told me, “everything I want in life is showing up at my door. I’m finally making a profit.”

There are so many jewels in our discussion that will inspire you –

Laura and all my clients are often in the minority – she’s running a farm that’s calm, the support structure is in place for when challenging things happen, and nothing stops her now.

In the 5x program, she’s found all the resources she needs to create a calm and balanced, and profitable farm life.

I hear this over and over from my clients.

Listen to this episode, and then – decide to invest in your personal growth which is your farm’s growth, too.

5X Your Farm Sales & LIFE is Opening Up Feb. 3rd. Join us.

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