#157: Two Crucial Steps to Become the CEO of Your Farm

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There’s something I teach that no one else in the farming world is teaching.

And I teach it because it works – my clients, farmers, everyone, make money and have calm lives.

They don’t just make money – they make more money than they’ve ever made. 

As in, they sell 30 cows in 1 week when it used to take them all year.

That’s $100,000 in sales.

They sell 24 lambs in 24 hours with one email. 

Again, used to take them all year.

I could go on and on with the success they’re creating because they’re learning through coaching to become the CEO of their farms.

There’s no program getting these types of results anywhere else in the industry.

If you want to finally feel personally fulfilled and make money on your farm, you’ll need to create a plan to implement what I’m talking about today.

Farmers making money have learned through coaching to take unrelenting ownership of everything in their business and in their lives.

They’re learning to take full responsibility for every result in their business.

This extreme ownership of your results requires you to become a strong, resilient person.

How do you become strong and resilient?

Only through adversity. ONLY through doing hard things.

And – it’s work worth doing.

It can feel TERRIBLE when you first realize that you’ve created every result in your life, even the ones you don’t like.

When you first learn to stop blaming everything else for all the problems, your immediate reaction is to beat yourself up.

After all, if YOU’RE the one responsible for the failed sales and employees not working out… then you have no choice but to beat yourself up, right??

No, you can totally learn to NOT beat yourself up.

Through coaching in the 5X Program, you’ll learn to take extreme ownership of all your results and be excited about that realization.

I teach you how to own the results you’ve created, how to not beat yourself up for doing that and not knowing, and then how to create results you love.

This is why today’s episode is especially a mandatory listen.

You’ve gotta learn to become the CEO in your farm biz.

Today I share with you how.

See you in Episode 157 of the Profitable Mindset Podcast.


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