#159: The World’s Most Famous Farmer is on the Podcast Today – Meet Joel Salatin

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You know if Joel’s in the house, you’re in for a story or two. Or three 😉

One of the most delightful experiences of my farm life was when Joel stayed here at my place for the weekend a few years ago.

He did this two years in a row. During the day, we taught marketing in person, here on my farm to about 50 farmers.

I was astonished to notice while I was on stage teaching, Joel was furiously note-taking the whole time.

I didn’t expect that.

Part of me thought that when you get to Joel’s age, you no longer have to take notes.

He’s been around the world many times, and he’s seen everything in the farming world.

Heck, he taught more people how to farm than anyone.

So to see him absorb every word I said is reflective of the self-proclaimed lifelong learner he is.

Since then, we’ve teamed up to teach Stockman Grass Farmer’s Marketing School.

 Listen to our episode today. Hear the stories and the mutual admiration. 

Watch our interview. You’ll learn, too.

 Then, buy our marketing class.  It’s the best $297 you’ll spend. 100% of the proceeds go to the Stockman Grass Farmer, a great resource for farmers.

Come see us live again, in person, in October. Don’t choose one or the other – video or live. Do both. We’re a lot of fun on stage. Joel’s a storyteller, and has 60 years of farming expertise to share. My expertise is how to make money using modern marketing methods and the lates in sales psychology.

Our combined talents are lethal and have farmers having success like never before.

 Click the link above and give a listen.


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