#182: This Mindset Shift Will Help You Pay Off Farm Debt With Ease

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A couple weeks ago I coached a farmer who was forced to take on debt due to a family illness.

Listen to today’s episode to hear the mindset shift she made.

The debt made her feel like she was drowning.

Can you relate, if not now, at any time in your life?

Let’s face it, if you own a farm, there’s a great chance you’ve got some kind of debt.

Imagine having no more mortgage payments. Pickup trucks and tractors – paid off.

Credit card debt is paid in full every month.

I have client after client becoming debt-free after coaching with me for a year or two, three or five!

It’s possible to get out from under the overwhelm of debt – but you’ve got to make a change in your mindset to make this happen.

As a matter of fact, if you DON’T change your mindset and instead you pay off your debt… the old thinking will get you right back into debt again.

Everything you do to create a successful farm and life STARTS with how you’re thinking about it.

Today’s episode is the how-to on thinking about debt in a way that will move you forward toward freedom from the overwhelm of debt.​

Creating a more financially secure farm life IS possible for you.



“Through coaching and mindset work, I finally achieved my “delusional dream” of creating a profitable business that allowed us to become completely debt free AND allowed my husband to leave his job of 20+ years and come work full time on the farm with me.

When I had this dream 5 years ago, my farm was in the red and we had tens of thousands of dollars of debt. Logically, I could see no way of ever meeting this goal. I felt foolish and silly for even dreaming this could be possible, so I started getting coaching on my limiting beliefs.

Coaching taught me how to borrow belief from my future successful self, even when I could see no evidence of success in my present moment.

By looking to my future self, honoring her, serving her, setting her up for success… I was able to gradually transform into her.”

~ 5x Your Farm Sales Member

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