#183: Learn This Strategy to Charge the Real Cost of Your Farm Fresh Products

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Recently, a client requested coaching because she needed to increase her turkey price over last year by 50%, and she felt embarrassed to charge her customers so much more.

I KNOW she’s not alone.

Today’s Episode Will Help You Solve For This

Many of you are in the same spot – you tell me you need to collect deposits on your Thanksgiving turkeys, (or deposits on your meat, milk, flower CSA, etc.) but you added up your costs and realized you should be charging so much more.

You might feel sad, guilty, or even devastated when you calculate the cost of raising your farm products and then realize you’ve been losing so much money.

If you’re like many, you didn’t figure in any pay for yourself, so not only are you NOT getting paid, but you’ve spent time away from your families that you can’t ever get back.

Today’s Profitable Mindset Podcast episode will help you. 

Because – if you stay stuck in confusion, overwhelm, guilt, or another negative emotion when it comes to charging a profitable price, you’ll never do the marketing you need to do to sell them.

And you will go out of business.

OR, you’ll have to forever pump money into your farm biz from your day job and never get off that hamster wheel.

Until again, you decide the hamster wheel life, the stress and anxiety isn’t worth it, and you quit.

The farmers in the 5x Program who implement the skills I teach, create profitable farms.

They learn the skills necessary to set profitable prices and have an audience of people ready and willing to pay those prices using the marketing skills I teach.

And they start with the shift I teach in today’s episode.

Let’s get your farm profitable. This is the first step.


I started with you last January 2022. My big goal was to double my income from the year before, which was my first year as a You-Pick. 

With your help, I raised my prices and doubled my income from $16k to $32k!

I also tripled my email subscribers with the help of lead magnets.

The mindset work has been the most incredible change in my life. I’ve learned to recognize my thoughts and calm my mind.

In fact, just this week I had a big pressed flower project I was creating for a client and I kept putting off and moving to the next day. 

I was stuck in a thought that it would be hard and I didn’t want to do something hard. But then I wrote out Circumstance, thought, feeling, action, result and I finally recognized it was because I had never done anything like it before and I was afraid to fail. When I wrote out the steps, it was easy and I knew how to do it. It turned out great and with little stress at all!

But I’ve also taught some of the mindset work to my daughters 17 yr and 24 yr who both suffer from anxiety. When my 17 year old was nervous about trying out for cheerleading last spring, I texted her a list of some positive thoughts like (I can do hard things, I know these skills and can execute them with excitement, etc.). I did the same for our 24-year–old before she went into a new job interview. It had tremendous results in their mind shifts from anxiety to confidence and they both succeeded! 

Thanks for all the education! I’m excited to see what happens this year!

~ Christine – 5x Your Farm Sales Member

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