#188: The Sneaky Way Family and Society Hold You Back On Your Farm, and How to Fix It

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On the podcast today, you’ll hear from two of my certified coaches who share how coach training has turned their lives around.

Karen wanted the freedom of making a living with her own business.

But after a few years she was still not making money and was overworked, stressed, and hopeless.

She didn’t see how she’d ever be able to make money doing what she loved.

This is not to “blame” at all – but Karen was raised like many of us are.

She was taught by well-meaning adults in her life to avoid making mistakes – at all costs.

She was sent the message that, “mistakes are bad and a reflection of you – just don’t do it.”

(Heck – I’ve even caught myself parenting my kids that way! It’s so common!)

Because of this conditioning, Karen lived in constant fear, doubt, and self-criticism that’s plagued her for almost 60 years.

Constant doubt and fear kept her stuck not doing things she KNEW would help her business.

She started my coach training six months ago and is now a certified coach. She implemented what I taught week after week. An hour a week with me, then working through the material in her own head in between class.

Her confidence grew magnitudes – unlike anything she’s ever experienced.

She’s a different woman. She’s a self starter now.

She no longer fears doing something wrong – a fear she’s let rule her for decades.

Her life was so small since she lived in constant fear of doing something wrong.

“I used to dread going to work. I’d panic seeing certain people.”

“I KNEW there was a better way to live, but I didn’t know how, until I met Charlotte and found her coach training.”

“I live light and free today. I no longer take things as a personal attack – something I used to do regularly, my whole life.”

Notice the people in Karen’s life haven’t changed.

SHE’s the one who’s changed.

Imagine no longer worrying about what others think of you.

That’s the ultimate freedom in life. My coaches get to live that freedom.

You can too.

Consider this – farmers who take my coach training repeatedly tell me it’s the BEST investment they’ve ever made in their life. Hands down.

And it’s for you, too.

It includes a free year of 5X Your Farm Sales.

It will blow your mind. Every relationship in your life will improve. You’ll make money in your business.

There are 10 spots left.

Grab one.

Love, hugs, and let’s change your life together. You got this.


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