#200: How This Alabama Farmer Pays Herself, Her Kids, and Is Building a Balanced & Profitable Farm Business

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Today on the podcast, you’ll hear how this farmer is making 30% more money on her farm this year over last, paying her kids and herself, AND living with calm and balance.

Glenna Dunagan, a farmer in Florence, Alabama, found herself stuck in a windowless cubicle working for a cotton company in Tennessee.

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Working in a cubicle was NOT what she dreamed of doing with her Business Ag degree – she dreamed of having her own farm.

But she knew it couldn’t look like her dad’s farm  – growing up on her family farm, she rarely saw her dad! He came home every night at 9 PM, ate dinner, and fell into bed long enough to get up and do it all again the next day.

She’s building a farm that she can pass on to her kids – they don’t want a farm life that requires 18-hour days and lots of debt! They want to take over a money-making business.

Glenna joined my 5X Your Farm Sales program last August, and you’ll hear about her success today.

“You’ve empowered me by teaching me how to make money on this land using the marketing strategies and business planning you teach.”

Glenna says: 

For several years, my farm was just limping along, making enough to buy seeds for the next year.

But when I did your farm marketing business planning, the next year we made 30% MORE sales than I’d even planned on in my wildest dreams!

I couldn’t afford NOT to do this program! 

I’m paying my kids and making a nice profit.

“You’ve helped me create proof I can make enough money to have a sustainable life with my family.”

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Glenna’s an example of what’s possible for you, too, when you implement the mindset and marketing strategies I teach.

See you in the episode!


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