#208: 3 Steps To Get Daily Personal Time This Summer

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If you’re like many farmers, you probably struggle with being overwhelmed, exhausted, and burnt out for years.

You know you can’t keep living this way — so why haven’t you DONE anything about it yet?

You can’t find the time!

Or, if you do find time, such as Grandma showed up to take the kids for a couple of hours… you’re faced with…

“… but I can’t because I feel guilty -or- I don’t deserve to spend time on myself when there is so much to do.”

All farmers tell me they struggle with taking personal time, but especially as women, we carry so much guilt around taking time for ourselves because we’ve been conditioned to think this way.

We think we need to provide physically, mentally, emotionally, and often financially – to our families – and we’ve placed ourselves last on the to-do list.

This costs us a great deal—especially in terms of our health, energy, and profitability. It’s ironic that thinking we need to be doing it all is keeping us from even making money.

Then, we end up beating ourselves up for it all.

Well, I say, “No more!”

​Today’s episode​ is about learning 3 simple steps to start creating more personal time for yourself without feeling guilty.

I hope you’ll try this. There’s a direct correlation between feeling fulfilled in life and having an hour of personal time each day. NOT time folding laundry or working out… I mean legit, do-nothing downtime, just for you.

Sounds crazy-impossible?! Trust me, I’ve been right where you are. And when I saw how just an hour a day to myself changed my whole life, I had to share with you.

Now, I spend my life teaching farmers how to make money. And it starts with learning to manage your time. And step one in learning to manage your time… is the skill I teach today.

Tune in NOW and give it a try!



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