#212:  How Erica Retired Her Husband from His Factory Job to Farm Full-Time

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Erica Benoit was a self-described “hot-mess mom” before she joined my coaching program last summer.

Even though they were making lots of sales on their meat and raw milk farm in Central Missouri, there was never any money left – every dime went back into the farm.

She was forgetting customer orders, dropping all kinds of balls on the farm, and overwhelmed by all that was going on.

She lay awake in the middle of every night – looping on everything she still had to do.

This anxious-looping was exhausting, wasn’t productive, and didn’t move her ahead. 

I often hear this complaint from so many farmers. Please know that you don’t have to live this way any longer.

It’s my greatest joy to share this hope with you—and every farmer everywhere—that Erica turned this around and has created success beyond her wildest dreams.

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Working on her own, she couldn’t see how they’d ever reach their goal of her husband being able to quit his factory job and farm with her full-time!

However, Erica had started with my marketing program a couple years earlier and had heard about farmers’ success with the mindset coaching I offer.

Fast forward nine months after joining my coaching program, 5x Your Farm Sales.

You’ll hear Erica talk about the dream come true – her husband was able to quit his factory job this past March to farm full-time. 

They’ve paid off their mortgage, saved more than a year’s worth of living expenses, and continue to increase that safety net.

This kind of success is possible for you, too, when you learn the skills Erica learned and then implemented over the past few years working with me.

It’s so important that you hear about these farmers’ success in building profitable farms, which I regularly share on the podcast, so you can have hope and confidence that you can build a profitable farm, too.

The best chance of success in learning and implementing these strategies is to surround yourself (here and in my class) with farmers who are already doing what you want to do.

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How did she do it? Erica studied and implemented the two main programs I teach. She started with Farm Marketing from the Heart a few years ago to create consistent sales.

Then, last summer, she added 5X Your Farm Sales to study advanced marketing and time management and used the coaching calls to manage her mind.

You can do this, too. Please know a huge burden is lifted when you learn the money-making skills I teach, and you learn to calm your stress and overwhelm with the coaching calls.

See you in episode 212 – Everything you hear Erica did to get profitable is available to you, too.



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