#89: How This Farmer Moved From Complete Overwhelm to Profit and Balance

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In today’s episode, you’re going to hear about my client, Chris, a farmer in Colorado.

She’s inside my 5X Your Farm Sales program right now and we’ve been working together for about a year.

A LOT can happen in a year! Chris shares her shift from overwhelmed, stressed-out, hopeless farmer and how coaching guided her to peace, calm, in-control, life balance, and even summer vacations on a busy farm!

I wanted you to hear Chris’ story specifically because she’s a lot like you. Most farmers come to me overwhelmed, feeling like they don’t have enough time or money.

Farm life is NOT supposed to be that way! It is a set of skills you’ll need to learn to get to a balanced and fulfilled life and farm.

And you CAN learn the skills. I see proof and evidence of this every day with my coaching clients.

My clients are not special unicorns. They are farmers who did not inherit land or money. They aren’t well-connected to any rich and famous people. They are not millionaires who decided to invest in land to save on taxes.

They’re average, hard-working people just like you. They had a dream to raise food or flowers for their family and their community and quit their day jobs to be home.

And they’re doing it because they committed to doing the hard work of learning these skills I coach on daily.

Listen to Chris’ story. Then, read about how you can learn the same skills she did and calm your life down and finally feel fulfilled on your farm.

Click here to read and join me: https://courses.3cowmarketing.com/5x-farm-sales

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