#93: How to Follow Your Plan on the Farm And Stop Getting Distracted

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Does this sound familiar?

You have a list of to-do’s to run your farm and you know exactly what needs to be done.

You wake up ready to seize the day, but then you don’t know where to start.

You feel:

  • Overwhelmed and stuck because there’s so much to do
  • Pressured to do all the tasks – so you do them, but now your days turned into nights
  • Confused because you were able to do some tasks, but there’s still so much that didn’t happen
  • Exhausted and helpless because your days feel chaotic and not manageable

I am hearing this happen all too often with the farmers that come to me for help.

Through coaching with me, farmers are able to learn the skills and processes they need to effectively manage their time and actually follow through on their to-do list efficiently.

==> This means you feel confident in your work and the process.

==> You feel refreshed and ready to hit the ground running with intent and focus.

==> And you can finally have a successful farm and fulfilling life knowing you can be present and spend the evenings with your family or taking care of yourself.

Now is the time to take intentional action —- listen to this episode so you can learn how your brain can take control and you can stay committed to your plans.

Listen to Episode 93 and start managing your thoughts and brain to take intentional action with your plans.

If you’re not signed up for coaching yet – starting in mid-November you can work with me for ONE YEAR to transform your farm, your brain and your life.

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