#210: If you Feel You Have to Apologize for your Prices, This Will Help

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Has this ever been you?

Someone asks the price of your lettuce or flowers or meat – you can fill in the blank with your product.

And as soon as they ask, you freeze, remembering the person last week who surprised you by asking, “Why’s it so expensive?!”

Truth is… our farm products MUST be higher priced than the store since we have no economy of scale.

Listen to today’s episode to confidently charge what you need.

Just last week, a farmer requested my coaching because she always feels like she has to apologize for her expensive floral designs.

I know this is such a struggle among the farmers in my community here.

Some women tell me they feel guilty or obligated to keep prices low, others feel angry that people don’t get it – – today’s podcast episode will help you!!

Like my client, Kathryn, you want to feel confident knowing you must charge that much because of all the work, time, and, of course, hard costs that go into your farming.

But it can be so hard because these products are often much less expensive at the store.

And to add salt to the wound, you’ve got neighbors selling similar things for much less money.

But if you want to farm long-term and not lose money the whole time, you’ll have to charge a sustainable price.

When you learn the skill I teach today, it becomes much easier to confidently charge a profitable/sustainable price for your meat, milk, eggs, flowers, classes.

I tell you, when you solve for this in your life, you feel so much lighter, AND you finally start to make and keep money.

Feeling confident and no longer apologizing for your pricing IS a learned skill, like ALL the things I teach in my marketing Bootcamp.

The farmers I coach aren’t making money because they’re more gifted, or live in a better place, or have found the magic FB ad or website.

NO—they’re making more money than they ever dreamed possible because they’re learning the skills of marketing and mind management, and then money follows.

Please listen to the Profitable Mindset Podcast Episode 210 today and learn how to feel far more confident in your pricing.

Thanks for being here!

Remember – Farm Marketing Bootcamp opens up in July. Plan to join me! A 6 week program to get your marketing started and finessed!

Let’s get you making and keeping more money.


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