#40: If you Feel Bad Charging What You Need To, This Will Help

15 years ago we started drinking raw milk, and as soon as we started drinking it, I noticed that my kids’ eczema (that they’d had for years) went away. Then about a year later, our raw milk farmer just up and quit. He went out of business and his customers were left scrambling to find […]

Your Top 10 Herd Share Questions Answered Here

  Holy smokes, did I have the most exciting weekend ever! Joel Salatin and attorney Elizabeth Rich stayed in our home for a couple of nights, we co-taught a workshop, we shared some incredible meals and fantastic conversations right here on the farm! I tried not to be too much of a fangirl. I let […]

Properly Clean Your Raw Milk Machine

Many raw milk producers I consult with find it difficult to get profitable – they just can’t seem to charge enough to cover costs + a profit margin. And 98% are out of business within a few years. I’ve got help. I’ve got a pricing series over on my podcast with my spreadsheets I use […]