#149: The Tools This Farmer Uses To Reach Every Single Goal She Sets

Click HERE to sign up for Farm Marketing Week Feb. 3, 6, & 7 – FREE Marketing Coaching Setting and then reaching goals is a skill. It’s not something you’re born knowing how to do. And farmer after farmer in my coaching program is reaching goals and achieving levels in life they never imagined possible. […]

#147: This is Your 2023 Business Marketing Plan

Click HERE to sign up for Farm Marketing Week Feb. 3, 6, & 7 If I could help you get anything you want on your farm, what would that be? MOST people say time and money… not necessarily in that order. What most farmers usually DON’T tell me is they need more fulfillment. But too […]

#146: How to Make More Money Using This 2023 Farm Marketing Plan (part 1)

Click HERE to sign up for Farm Marketing Week Feb. 3, 6, & 7 It’s usually this time of year many of my clients start to panic and think… After they freak out a bit on a coaching call, I remind them they are armed with a plan and strategy for 2023. Part 1 of this unique marketing plan you’ve probably […]

#144: How To Deal With the Difficult People in Your Life & Farm

Imagine never again being blindsided, triggered, or annoyed by toxic people’s comments or obnoxious behavior at your family gatherings. This is absolutely available to you – I teach you how in today’s Episode of the Profitable Mindset. >>Click the Link Above to no longer be triggered by difficult people.<< Farmers often tell me the great […]

#143: How To Raise Your Prices When You Feel You’re Already Charging a Premium

Click HERE to Be Notified When 5X Your Farm Sales Opens in February Many farmers feel like their prices are already higher than the grocery store, or the highest in the area, so they think they can’t possibly raise them any higher. But they’re still not making a sustainable profit. They (you?) often feel guilty […]

#138: Are Facebook Ads Worth It — If So, How to Get the Most Out of Them

Sign Up to Be Notified of “Farmers Coaching Farmers” Coach Training Program If social media marketing is a bear, Facebook ads are a BEAST! This is my experience, AND, I see evidence of it in your emails and messages about your struggles with social media marketing in general, ads specifically. I give a 2-hour long […]